Life Hack: 5 Password Inconveniences That Can Be Fixed Today

May 24, 2018 0

Just because a problem is small, does not mean that it can’t negatively affect your day. Our daily lives are filled with small, “first-world problems,” that frankly, are just plain annoying. Some may think you are overreacting, others might roll their eyes, but knowing that a problem is trivial doesn’t make it any less frustrating. We are always on the look-out for simple and easy life hacks to alleviate our minimal everyday pains!

One of the most frustrating annoyances today is managing online passwords. They are a hassle to create, reset, and of course, remember! Not to mention the fact that there is a possibility they could be stolen and sold on the black market.

But here is an awesome life hack! We don’t have to let managing passwords affect us any longer. Thanks to online password managers, like ElePass, we no longer do we have to remember long crazy words or phrases – we can save that brain space for something more useful – like TV and Movie trivia!

Can you relate to any of these small password inconveniences?

Creating a “Good Enough” Password

Depending on the site – an “excellent” password is between 8 – 35 characters, and includes at least one uppercase letter AND one lowercase letter, numbers, AND a special character. Nobody has time for that! But we have great news! ElePass generates and securely stores credentials and other critical information related to your account, so you only have to create the password once, and never have to worry about it again!


Typing out a long, complicated password on a mobile device is annoying. Adding to your angst, if you mistype it, you have to start all over again! Don’t make yet another error – sign up for our password manager today!

Being Locked Out

Entering a password one too many times can result in the dreaded “please try again later” message. This is the last thing you want to be dealing with when you need to send an important email reply or log into your bank account. Our password manager, stores your passwords and automatically fills out your credentials when on a login screen.


This one is the absolute worst. You can’t figure out your password, so you click on the “forget password” link, which sends you an email. That email may take a few minutes, or a few hours to get into your inbox! Waiting is stressful and time-consuming!


Last but certainly not least, at the end of the day, remembering 400 passwords is just plain ridiculous. You end up either doing one of two things: 1) you create an outrageous password that you will never remember and then having to write it down on a post-it, which takes away any and all online security, or 2) using the same password for many different sites, which also takes away your online security! There isn’t a win here!

Thankfully, ElePass has an extension for your iPhone or iPad that makes it easy to autofill your credentials in Safari without having to flip back to the app to copy usernames and passwords. One simple thing to save you time! For more information on the autofill extension, click here.

Passwords can be a hassle, and they aren’t going away any time soon. Save your Sanity! Sign up for ElePass today!