Context menu, favicons and other new updates

May 3, 2018 0

After the launch of Personal Vaults, we have been slowly adding in new features and additions to our user interface across all of our platforms. We wanted to highlight a few of the smaller features that you might not notice – let’s get started!

Credential Context Menu

It was a time consuming task to move credentials between groups, especially if you imported a list of credentials and they were all added to the Uncategorized default group. We added a new feature to speed this up and to give us more flexibility down the road – the context menu! When you are inside a client page, or your personal vault, you can right click any credential to move them between groups with two clicks of a button. We will continue to add items here as the platform grows to speed up your workflow.


For the web, browser extensions and native mobile applications – we have added support for Favicons for your site URLs. A small visual change to help you find your credentials faster.

Editing in the Browser Extension

If you have the ability to edit credentials, you will now be able to edit them directly in the browser extension. This is the first step towards bringing over the majority of the administrative tasks over to the browser extensions and to be able to add/edit/delete credentials no matter where you are.

Sorting Clients and Credentials Per Page

For those of you with 30+ clients, we have added support for quickly sorting your clients. You can now sort by Name (A-Z or Z-A), by Newest, by Oldest or by Recently Updated. In addition to this change, we added local storage support for Credentials Per Page.


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