Introducing Multiple Credential Requests For Your Clients

September 17, 2019 0

We’ve received some great feedback from our users over the past few months and the highlight of them all – “Can we send one request form a request for multiple credentials with just one form?”. Now you can!

As many credentials requests as you need

You can now specifically request credentials for just one credential – or for as many as needed! We heard some feedback that there were multiple times that a client needed to send upwards of 15 credentials at once for their various services. I can’t even imagine how complicated that must be to send 15 different credential links with explicit instructions for one being for Facebook, another being for Twitter, etc. To ease that pain – We made it really simple to add a new site title to a request and move along with your workflow.

Validation is now a primary feature

Previously – when you requested a credential from a client, they could just submit the form without adding any details to the credential. Since you could have a blank password, blank username, or blank URL – we were not quite forcing something to be there. We are now forcing something to be there and letting your clients know which credential still needs information.

The overall experience will stay the same

All of the multiple credential requests will be displayed one a time in the “Credentials Added By Clients” and you will still see the same key information, pending statuses, and links back to the form if you client has lost it.

We hope you enjoy this update! Please continue to submit feedback and recommendations for ways we can improve ElePass and to provide an overall better experience to all of our users.

Let us know what you think.

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