Introducing Personal Vaults

April 30, 2018 0

Since our initial release, we have received some great feedback from our users and some recommendations on how we can build ElePass in a way that makes sense for our users. When we first built ElePass, we put all of our focus in better defining that password management solution for companies who work with clients and to streamline that process. As that need was met, we continued to expand into the company side of the agency user and offering better support for the individuals in the company. We are very excited to announce our next feature available for all plans/users –¬†Personal Vaults!

What are Personal Vaults?

Keeping it simple – Personal Vaults are a way for each individual user in a company to have credentials stored and organized for themselves and only seen be that individual. For example – If Susan needed to store their credentials for the agency WordPress account, they would need to store their credentials either within the Company account on ElePass, use a different password manager tool altogether, or (even worse) just write the password down on a Post-It note by their company monitor. As of today, Susan can now her WordPress account information in her Personal Vault and be able to access it just like any other credential.

How do I use Personal Vaults?

When you login to ElePass, you will now see a tab at the top-left of your screen called “My Vault”. Just like your clients, you will now be able to organize your credentials by groups and temporarily share credentials with anyone as you need. Adding credentials will be just as easy – Click the Add Credential button, located at the bottom-right of your screen, and select “For myself” on the first screen.

All of your devices now support Personal Vaults and will autofill your websites in the same way as your clients. For the Browser Extensions, you will be able to access your Personal Vault using the top-right icon, next to the Settings icon. In all of our native applications, you can access your Personal Vault from the side-drawer.

Admin Information

Personal Vaults is a significant improvement to the ElePass ecosystem and provides an extra boost to your team’s productivity. As an administrator, you will be able to monitor your team’s activity in the activity log, just as you would for all of your clients. Your team’s information is secure and the logs will only contain access information.


We are very excited to launch this feature and we hope it noticeably improves the security and productivity within your team. Continue to send us your feedback and recommendations on how we can continue to improve ElePass!