The Summer Release Is Here: Group Permissions Now Available!

July 20, 2018 0

Our goal at ElePass is to create a product that will increase security in your agency. We’ve been working hard at adjusting our interface and our processes to create a secure environment that feels comfortable to agencies and the everyday users. Over the past few months, we have received a lot of great feedback to further enhance our security, evaluate some of our UX/UI, and to look for ways that we can improve the small processes in our applications. This is the story of The Summer Release.

Once upon a time…

There was a great idea for adding granular permissions to our groups at the client level for better user management. Easy, right? Oh if only that was the case! During this great journey, we needed to refine the way we organize our teams and users, and to rebuild the overall flow from the point of adding a user to the point of adding a credential. It needed to flow better and be more intuitive with the new system – so we made more enhancements than we originally planned. Let’s jump into the spotlight feature..

Permissions at the Client Level AND the Group Level

If you have been a long time user of ElePass, you will know that your teams/users have been only able to view a client or edit a client. We felt like there needed to be more control over what a person should be able to do for each client – especially if you have multiple people who work on specific projects for a client (one popular way to organize your groups). Our solution to this was adding group level permissions.

Group level permissions work as you would expect. When you create your client (I.E. Fuzzy Nachos) and you give access to a team member (I.E. Jill), you will now have the option to give Jill access to a group (I.E. Summer Food Launch) within Fuzzy Nacho’s client container. Jill can have different levels of access, such as:

  • Creating a new credential within this group
  • Editing an existing credential within this group
  • Deleting a credential within this group
  • Sharing a credential within this group
  • Viewing a credential within this group

Note the within this group part of the bullet points. Jill will have limited control that change at any time with a quick click of the button! You can feel confident that Jill has the exact access that she needs.

A user MUST have access to view a client before having group-specific permissions.

Improved User and Team Management

One of the areas where we have received recommendations has been around the user management and ways we can improve how that works. We stripped out the idea of an Invited User that couldn’t do anything special until they were fully into the system. We have now moved Invited Users into Pending Users that live within the user table to keep everyone together. The best part – you can now give that user permissions and assign them to a team BEFORE they accept the invite!

We also made it easier to change a user’s role in the company, to edit some of their information and to see if your team has setup two-factor authentication on their accounts.

Client/Personal Vault Redesign

If you are in ElePass regularly, the first thing you will notice is our redesigned layout of the Client and Personal Vault pages. As we were adding support for group permissions, we realized that this page could function a bit better and have a more solid layout for its intended purpose. Below are some highlights on the key differences:

  • There is no longer a global Add Credential floating button in the corner of your screen. You will now find that button at the top of the table of your credentials on any group with the correct permissions.
  • We stretched the layout to fit the width of your screen for better use of the whitespace.
  • Groups can now be rolled up for quicker navigation of a client.
  • Client settings are now all together to prevent accidentally deleting a client.
  • Client permissions can be easily swapped out on the Client Settings page.
  • Every group page will have an “Edit Group” button for changing group permissions, if you have the correct permissions.

Adding a Client Has Been Improved

Before this update, adding a client was pretty bland and did not have the right information available to help you get started. With this update, we added a New Client stepper to help you add the right information and give the right permissions during the initial setup of your client. Of course – all of this is optional and can be done at a later time.

Improved iOS/Android/Windows 10 Apps

We were inspired to change up some of our layouts on the applications to better fit the brand and to give a more uniformed experience across the ElePass ecosystem. We really hope you enjoy some of these changes and be sure to download our apps today!

Overall Improved Performance

This big release also features some much needed performance enhancements to allow for a better experience and to reduce the latency as you move between clients and credentials. This also impacted all of our applications and extensions and you will notice a smoother experience overall.

We hope you enjoy the changes in this update! It’s been a busy time for us and we are excited to release these features. As you continue to use ElePass, please reach out if you have any feedback or recommendations on how we can improve the overall experience. Let us know what is working out well for you and how we can improve in the areas of concern. Enjoy the rest of your Summer and thank you for supporting ElePass!

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