What’s Next: Group Permissions, Better User Management and More!

June 20, 2018 0

Over the past few weeks, we have been working hard to re-develop some of the core features of ElePass and create a more scalable solution that we think you will really enjoy. Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming features you will be seeing in the next 60 days.

Group permissions

We have listened to a lot of great user feedback and we are excited to be bringing this feature to ElePass! Instead of having two different client-level permissions, you will now be able to assign more permissions (Add/Edit/Update/Delete) to your team at an entire client level, or per individual group within the client. This will allow you to better organize your groups by projects or by areas of focus within your team. This change was a significant change to how the logic typically flows through ElePass and we realized some opportunities for quality of life improvements within the user interface – this leads us to some of our next platform changes…

Improved user and team management

The first big change you will notice is better support for our large companies that use ElePass. We made it really easy for you to add a group of users and assign them roles immediately. We also stripped away the “Invited Users” part of the page and gave you the opportunity to go ahead and begin integrating a user within your team. Before a user has accepted their invitation, you can now assign them to any teams, give them group permissions, or adjust their profile information so they are ready to go the moment they have created an account.

Users will now be prompted to accept an invitation

After we recreated the user management system, we realized how easy it was to be invited to a new company and not realize you were actually invited to join that company. We are now enforcing users to accept/decline invitations to a new company and created a new page to house that invitation list.

Adding more core functionality to the browser extensions

If you have been following our developer series on the browser extensions, we are working on optimizing the flow of our extensions and adding more core functionality to the extensions. We know that you don’t want to have another website tab open all day – especially when you already have the extension installed! We are working on adding functionality for quickly adding new and updating credentials, support for contextual menus and quick autofill selection,  and (most importantly) being able to select a credential directly from the input form on a page.

Overall increase in performance

Even though most people won’t notice this – we are improving the code base as we add these new features and optimizing the web app and browser extensions. You will notice faster page loading, better user micro-transactions for system actions, and a smoother feel to the web app in general.

Final Thoughts

All of these will launch at once within the next 60 days – we are really excited to show them to you! As we build out these new features a bit more, we will share them with you and keep you updated on what changes will be coming in more detail. Please continue reaching out to us with your feedback and support!