Why Your Agency Should Be Using a Password Manager

February 12, 2018 0

In the agency world, it’s possible that over 8 people in your agency are working with accounts across 3-4 clients at a time – including your freelancers, your social media managers, your developers, your writers, and your designers. Those clients are handing you their accounts with the expectation that you are keeping their information secure.

But are you?

We’ve read stories and discussions of agencies passing Post-It notes between people as they need account info, storing credentials in a Google Drive spreadsheet, emailing credentials (and sometimes the wrong person!), as well as just asking the passwords to be made simpler for easy remembrance. For those agencies – you need to use a password manager!

What is a password manager?

Simply put – a password manager is a software that generates and securely stores credentials and other critical information related to the account. Password managers may also have the option to share credentials with other users – while maintaining a high level of security. If you are not using a password manager today – personally or professionally – then you need to begin adapting this technology into your lifestyle!

How should I be using a password manager?

You’ve probably ran into this issue at least once or twice in your agency – You gave your contracted developer access to an FTP site for a client a few weeks back. The project went on hold and the client changed their credentials during that timeframe. If you are the direct line to your developer, then it’s not as bad – you can simply pass the new credential to your developer and continue on. What if your client manager is in charge of communicating with the client and you are the pass-through to the developer? Now it’s up to the client manager to let you know the credential changed – or your developer will let you know after multiple attempts to login. At this point, you are just killing productivity trying to pass along information that should’ve been easy to update in one system to begin with.

You should be using a password manager to help avoid a lot of unnecessary information sharing, to build a stronger workflow process for managing secure information, and to keep information readily available whenever it is needed. ElePass was built with this process in mind – You should only need to work about sharing credentials to your team once, managing those credentials only when they change, and allow for your team to self-serve information as they world with your client projects.

By organizing your credentials based at a client level, you are able to maintain security throughout your team and ensuring that only the right people have access to your more critical clients. If you are a larger agency, you might have a “team” of employees who work only on a specific client at a time. Within your clients, you should be able to organize your credentials into groups. For smaller clients, your groups might be something simple, like Websites, Social Media Accounts, or Ad Accounts. For larger clients, you might need to break down your groups into project levels and maintain your security at that point.

Can I just use any password manager available?

If you are managing one client and can be considered a freelancer, then sure! Use the workflow that is more comfortable for you to maintain daily efficiency. If you work with multiple clients, or have multiple users in your agency, then you should consider a password manager that will allow you share credentials with your team.

It’s really easy to save a password in a basic password manager called “Facebook Login”. You will eventually forget which client “Facebook Login” belongs to and you might end up sharing the wrong credential with someone. Speaking of sharing – most password managers do not have an option to share a credential with someone. If they do allow sharing, then you usually aren’t able to be granular with those permissions. What if you have a group of designers who will should always be receiving credentials from the same client? Most password managers do not have this option.

Most importantly – Does your password manager allow for inviting everyone to your team account? You should not be sharing a single account with anyone on your team. Just imagine what could happen if you had 10 freelancers sharing a single “freelance@mycompany.com” account and you need to let one freelancer go – are those credentials at risk? Will you need to create a new account for your other 9 freelancers?

Are you thinking about switching to a password manager? Are you using a single-user password manager and ready to start using one built for an agency? Try out ElePass today and start enhancing your agency’s security!


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