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Your Clients Trust You With Their Passwords

In an agency, it can be difficult and time consuming to keep all of your client's login credentials organized and protected. It's about time to trade the spreadsheets, sticky notes and other risky places you've been keeping your client credentials for an easy and secure client password management tool.

How ElePass Works

We built ElePass to perfectly fit the need for password management and security at a mid-sized agency. Managing users is a snap, so you can add new clients, add or remove team members or onboard/offboard from your roster of contractors with ease. You can limit data sharing by user permissions or even a time-based setting. As a cloud-based app, ElePass frees you from IT headaches and our incredibly affordable subscription-based pricing cannot be matched.

Share Credentials with Your Clients/Employees


No matter the size of your agency - invite anyone who will need access to credentials, even temporary freelancers. Easily and securely onboard and offboard your internal team members, using time-based user access settings. Take it a step further by sharing credentials on a one-off basis by either the number of days or by the amount of times a credential is viewed.

Stay Informed of Your Users


Everyone who interacts with your agency's information is tracked in your activity log. A simple dashboard view lets administrators or account managers see everyone who interacts with the system via an up-to-date activity log, so you can easily check in on a particular account or project as needed.

Security is our priority

The security of our users information is critical and we work hard to keep your information safe at all times.

Available Wherever You Need Us

We keep you moving while also guarding your credentials. Keep ElePass on the devices you use on the go and always be ready when a client calls.

Browser Extensions for ElePass

On Your Browser

Your web browser is a key part of your daily workflow. We make it efficient for your team to access your client's accounts with our extensions for Chrome and Edge browsers.

ElePass App on Your Phone

On Your Phone

Whether you are a social media manager, or a client manager out on-the-go, we keep it simple for you to access the accounts you need with our iOS and Android native apps. Need to move faster? Use our extensions on your phone to speed up your workflow!

ElePass App on Your Computer

On Your Computer

Do you need faster access to ElePass at any time? Check out ElePass in the Windows Store and always be ready when a client needs you.

We help agencies secure their team.

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