Give power to your people with simple, secure password management

From sticky notes to complex spreadsheets, we’ve seen some questionable solutions when it comes to password management.

ElePass is a one-click solution that grants agency teams instant access to client passwords without compromising their integrity. With airtight security and total ease-of-use, ElePass takes risk out of the equation.

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Why ElePass?

Purpose-built to meet the needs of mid-sized agencies seeking effective, affordable, and reliable password management, ElePass both simplifies and strengthens your security.

Incredibly user-friendly, it allows you to add new clients and manage team members using a familiar roster-based platform. User permissions also facilitate extra areas of security, such as limiting data sharing with an optional time-based setting.

Completely cloud-based, ElePass eliminates IT headaches and comes with an affordable subscription plan. Even better, you can try it for free.

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How ElePass Works

Entirely scalable, our password manager app can be open to anyone associated with your business in need of credentials access. You can even include temporary employees or freelancers without worrying about the risks of sharing passwords. You can onboard and offboard users quickly and easily by choosing either:

  • Team-based user access settings
  • Sharing credentials on a one-off basis for a set number of days or by the amount of times a credential is viewed

Improved Workflow

A tracked activity log means that everyone who interacts with your agency’s information is logged. A simple dashboard view lets administrators or account managers see everyone who interacts with the system, so you can easily check in on a particular account or project as needed. This was an essential part of the design process, as it means users can enjoy an enhanced experience with clear goal-setting and checkbacks.

Security is our priority

We understand that the need for safe and secure password management is what brought you here in the first place. The security of our users’ information is critical to what we do— which is why we use robust security tools, such as rotating encryption and real-time threat detection.

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Whenever, Wherever

With a varied client base ranging from everyday office workers to travelling digital nomads, we are well-equipped to safeguard your passwords, wherever you might be. By simply keeping the ElePass app on your devices, you’ll always be prepared and protected when a client calls.


On Your Browser

An essential part of your daily workflow, you have easy access via extensions for Chrome and Edge browsers.


On your phone

We’ve previously worked with social media managers and on-the-go client consultants who need to stay mobile, which is why we’ve kept it simple for you to access the accounts you need with our iOS and Android native apps. Need to move faster? Use our extensions on your phone to speed up your workflow!


On your computer

Do you need faster access to ElePass at any time? Check out ElePass in the Windows Store and always be ready when a client needs you.


Assisting Agencies with a Fast & Free Service

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