Failsafe Security Features

ElePass is not only a tool to help with workplace efficiency and organization—it's also the holder of sensitive information and delicate data. We don't take that lightly. Every feature and design decision is evaluated with the safety and privacy of your data in mind, providing you with the best security solutions

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Real-Time Threat Detection

ElePass has 24/7 threat detection on all databases. In the event of an attempted threat to credential data, we’re aware of the issue before it can cause any damage. With real-time threat detection alerts, we’ll know immediately about any database access from new or unknown networks and attempted SQL injections.

Multi-Level Security Service

To back up password encryption, every item of data is secured with disk encryption at rest to protect against unauthorized access to database storage. This includes all database files, logs, and backups. Additionally, data is transported using secure TLS protocols.


Best Industry Standard Encryption

All credentials stored in ElePass are protected by industry standard AES 256 encryption with secure, randomly generated encryption keys for each client. We don’t keep encryption keys in the same place as your credentials; instead, they’re locked away in a separate secure vault as a best-practice back-up process.

Integrated Auditing & Tracking

Our databases are protected with a full audit trail to ensure access to credentials is constantly monitored and can be tracked using the user-friendly dashboard.


We keep on top of the technicalities so you can spend more of your time on the tasks that matter most to your business.

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