Option 1 – Share a link

Click the credential you would like to share, then select the dotted icon in the top right corner. Click Share.

If you want to view those whom you’ve shared the credential with, click Show Shared Access List.

This is where you can set the expiration date and maximum number of uses. It’s also helpful to include a short description. Click Get Link.

You will be given a link to email your contractor, client, or anyone who needs a short-term shared credential. Copy the link and send to the recipient in an email. They will be prompted to set up an account if they don’t already have one.

Option 2 – Give Limited Permission

Another way to share a credential with a contractor is by adding them as a user with limited permissions. To do this, start by navigating to the Users tab and selecting the + Add New button in the top right corner. Choose New User.

Enter the email of your contractor and choose regular user. Click the save button in the top right. This will send the recipient an email asking them to login, or to create an account if they don’t already have one.

Next, you’ll want to add the user to a client. Go to the Clients tab, click on the client you want to give the user access to, then click on the Settings button at the bottom of the sidebar. Next, select the Client Permissions button in the top right corner.

On the Select Users dropdown box, find your user and choose the Able to View Client option. Save. Next, give the user permissions at the group level. When the user logs in, they will now be able to view the credentials for your client.